Spreadsheet for Data Science

Use JavaScript to work with Spreadsheet data

Build and use JavaScript data science libraries
  • Summary Statistics (count, unique, median, quartile, quantile, variance, stdev)
  • Distance and Correlation Measures (dot, rank, cor, cor.rank, cor.dist, dist, dist.mat)
  • Entropy Measures (entropy, mutual)
  • Binning, Histograms and Profiles (bins, bins.date, histogram)
  • rows, cols, dimensions, row, col, diag, antidiag, tranpose
  • map, cumreduce, alter, create, zeros, ones, rand, identity, clear, symmetric
  • utils.calcRdx, utils.isArray, utils.isFunction, utils.isNumber
  • Support for most Excel formulas (ABS, SUM, AVERAGE)